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suction nozzle of pnp machine

作者:博维科技 时间:2020-09-23 14:02

        The suction nozzle of the mounter is not only the key part of the mounter to attach and place the parts, but also the background of the camera of optical vision system to take pictures.It mainly USES the principle of vacuum adsorption to carry out the suction of components, and USES blowing to put the adsorbed components on the coordinates of the circuit board.

        In order to have good background in image intake, so that it is to highlight the target information in image processing, almost each suction nozzle with its reflection background, when the extracted image, suction nozzle as a background, the components of image contrast is strong, more clear when SMT machine suction nozzle absorbing components, ideally, the center of the element, the center of the suction nozzle, and the space center of the image should be overlap, and the adjustment of the optical vision system is actually to compensation caused by the misalignment of deviation in practical work,When people in the design of suction nozzle, considering the above function of the suction nozzle, people often put the suction nozzle element contact surface design into the shape of a center of symmetry, and the background plane as a background picture of suction nozzle, designed to dumb smooth surface and the surface without mixed color, of course the background also is usually designed to be a single color, like black and green.

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