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SMT Maintenance Tips

作者:博维科技 时间:2020-09-11 09:23

No matter we use any machine and equipment should be maintained, so that not only to maintain the stability and accuracy of the equipment, but also to extend the life of the equipment, the mounter is of course no exception.The following is an introduction to the maintenance of the SMT machine knowledge:
1. Daily maintenance: clean the equipment surface every day; The equipment must be automatically preheated for at least 20 minutes after starting up every day; Check whether the contact of the moving part is good, whether the screw is loose; Clean the surface of each sensor;
2. Add lubricating oil to the moving part for weekly maintenance; Check whether the suction nozzle is blocked and add liquid oil; Detection and cleaning of laser head and camera lens;
3. Monthly maintenance: clean the machine head and replace the lubricating oil on the movable shaft;Clean moving parts of stains; Replace lubricating oil for X and Y axes; Check whether the grounding wires are in good contact;
4. Annual maintenance check whether the electric box is in good contact with the power supply; Check the wear and tear of each device, and replace and repair. 
The above is respectively on the mounter day, week, month, year of different periods of maintenance summary, in order to let our equipment high efficiency high quality output, we must do the maintenance work.

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