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一、 Installation, debugging and acceptance of the system

1. Working Environment
◆   SMT pick and place machine is a high-tech mechatronics equipment, in order to ensure the accuracy of the instrument and the stability of operation, there are certain requirements for the working environment:
◆   Avoid the strong electric and magnetic fields equipments ect., which seriously affects the signal transmission of the measuring instrument. Such as: electric welding machine, transmitter tower and so on
◆   Three - core power supply is used to ensure good grounding of measuring instrument and avoid interference of various AC clutter.
◆   Voltage requirement is stable, avoid big fluctuation. It is better to use voltage regulator.
◆   The machine shall not work in the environment of strong acid, strong alkali, dust, high humidity and large temperature difference.
2、Power requirements
   Basic indoor electricity 220 volt, no need power electricity, better to have a UPS stabilized voltage power supply.
3、 Notes
◆   The user shall do the preparation work according to the equipment installation requirements provided by the manufacturer.
◆   The installation and operation can refer to the operation manual, or the installation operation videos, or you can contact us for remote video guidance, or your company can send employees to our company for study, we will provide accommodation for you.

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