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Pick and place machine
Electronic component mounting equipment with independent intellectual property rights can save manpower and improve efficiency
Four-heads patch machine
Product description
BV-TC1804SG is the latest development of an economic patch machine,The XY axis is equipped with high precision ball screw,high stable patch
performance,achieve high speed and high density of the perfect fit well。
Product features
Mainly used for personal entrepreneurship, research and development proofing, college teaching and so on...[+More]
Application industry
Energy - saving lighting industry, home appliance industry, power industry, communication industry and other industries。
Six heads pick and place machine
Product description
BV-TC1706-3DSG is our company's best-selling patch machine model,equipped with high precision ball screwand Panasonic servo motor、
Three-section transmitting boards-automatic connection from left to right 。
Product features
It is mainly used for batch production of electronic products, processing of incoming materials, r&d and customization[+More]
Application industry
Home lighting, automotive circuits, power supply, small appliances, other industries electronic products。
Eight heads patch machine
Product description
BV-TC1808LIt is the fourth-generation pick and place machine developed by our company. It has high speed, high precision and high performance, which greatly improves the production efficiency。
Product features
Eight heads of synchronous material extraction, greatly improve the efficiency of adhesive mounting[+More]
Application industry
Home lighting, automotive circuits, power supply, small appliances, other industries electronic products。
Committed to the electronic components inserted equipment research and development, production and sales
Production r&d Capacity
leading the development of patch machine industry
- Founded in 2008, the core members of the company's technical team all have more than 10 years of experience in electronic assembly automation。
- Jiaxing bovi electronic technology co., LTD. Is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in r&d, production and sales of electronic component mounting equipment。
- The company employs nearly 150 employees and the factory covers an area of 5,000 square meters。
Free car delivery nationwide
Ensure the equipment is safe and undamaged
  • 200Times
    shipment times
  • 1500Tot
  • 50Million
    Annual turnover
- The company has production plants in zhejiang, shenzhen and Beijing,Special car delivery can
radiate jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai, anhui, pearl river delta, Beijing, tianjin and hebei areas。
- For each SMT production line delivery, the engineer follows the car all the way, ensuring the safety
of the equipment , protecting the rights and interests of customers, and reassuring customers to buy。
- When the devices arrive at the customer site, the after-sales engineer can carry out safety
debugging and training, which greatly saves the customer time。
Senior after-sales service team
Free home installation, commissioning, training and maintenance
  • 12hours
    waiting time
  • 48hours
    training time
  • 2hours
    response time
- The warranty period of the machine is one year from the date of purchase。Our company will send technicians to your company, and technicians will be responsible for on-site installation。
Equipment, commissioning, maintenance and operation of the machine after training of operators until normal production
- Gold medal after - sales service, and according to the actual needs of customers, to provide you with efficient, fast, thoughtful product customization services
Senior SMT program design engineer
Provide professional and personalized SMT
production line solutions
  • 10people
  • 1000sets
  • 99%
- The company has many senior SMT production line program designers, can design the SMT
production line program for free according to the actual needs of customers
- The company currently has various SMT production lines
- 24-hour online service calls:400-600-0406。
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about us
 Jiaxing bovi electronic technology co., LTD. Is engaged in the research, development, production and sales of electronic component packaging equipment National high-tech enterprises。With nearly 100 employees, the factory covers an area of 5,000 square meters。
 Jiaxing bovi electronic technology co., LTD. Is located at 134 wenxian road, nanhu district, jiaxing city, zhejiang province,Is a research and development, production reflow welding, screen printing machine, SMT machines and other SMT equipment professional manufacturers!The company is positioned as middle and high-end quality, respecting science, paying attention to details, paying attention to material selection and performance The supreme is our production aim; Providing high quality, energy saving, easy to use, stable SMT surface mounting equipment has been the goal of bowie technology people! At present, bowei technology has become one of the largest SMT equipment suppliers in China, and SMT equipment shipments are firmly in the forefront!

Since it was put into production in 2006, the company has been mainly engaged in the processing of incoming materials for electronic products。


In 2010, the decision-making level of the company decided to transform and develop electronic component automatic mounting equipment。


In 2011, the company developed a two-head desktop patch machine"。


In 2012, the company developed 1.2 meters two-head LED patch machine。


In 2013, the company developed a 1.2-meter four-head LED patch machine"。


In 2014, the company expanded and developed the universal patch machine"。


In 2015, great breakthrough was made in the research and development of universal patch machine"。


In 2016, the company launched a four-head automatic in - and - out plate universal patch machine。


In 2017, the company will launch six synchronous tape and universal screw patch machines。


In 2018, the company developed eight high-speed patch machines"。

patch machine
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