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二、Technical training
The equipment is equipped with a negative pressure generator and a feeding system that require an air compression device. Before use, please prepare in advance to adjust it to 0.5Pa to start and stop at 0.65mpa in accordance with the air compressor operation manual, and provide an output interface that can be inserted with an outer diameter of 10MM air pipe.

The air compressor shall ensure that the output air source is dry, free from sundry and oil. The air storage capacity of one equipment shall not be less than 40L, the equipment shall have a voltage of AC 220V, and the independent output of the power supply socket of the equipment shall be 10A, and it shall not share the same cable with other high-power equipment.

Arrange 1-2 employees to learn equipment operation, maintenance and commissioning.

 After-sale protection

Bovi technology technical service and warranty

1. The warranty period of the equipment is 12 months from the date of purchase.

2. The company provides professional after-sales service, at any time need our company to provide related technical support, you can call +86 400-600-0406 after-sales service hotline, the warranty period from the date of signing the contract.

3.The following conditions are not belong to the warranty:
(1)Damaged by incorrect operation
(2)The equipment is put into production and damaged, but the buyer does not contact us for confirmation after receiving the goods.(Except those who have used the same series of equipment of our company before the new equipment)
(3)Damage to equipment caused by customer's air source or power failure.
(4)Replacement or modification of equipment without prior approval from our company
(5)Replace parts with a supplier that is not certified by our company.。
(6)Damaged by external forces, fire, earthquake, etc
(7)Normal loss of consumables.

4.After receiving the repair report, during the warranty period, our company will provide free maintenance for all the faults that meet the warranty conditions.

5.After the warranty period, our company can provide maintenance services. After the warranty period, the service fee is composed of a certain service fee plus the cost of spare parts.
NO.134 wenxian road, nanhu district, jiaxing city, zhejiang province
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